Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1969, Swisse Wellness is on a mission to help people move more, eat better, and live balanced lives. We combine the power of natural ingredients with science to develop wellness products designed to meet your health and wellbeing needs. 


I don’t think there are many people out there, who when training right, eating right, resting, and being mindful don’t feel happier. That was one of the big things that influenced the decision to work with Swisse. They have a like-minded attitude to help people make healthier choices” – Chris Hemsworth

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The Swisse Ultivite multivitamin range is our best-selling product range, both in Australia and across the globe. Our multivitamin tablets contain premium vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts, specifically tailored for UK lifestyles to support daily energy, wellbeing and nutritional needs.

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Get glowing from the inside out with the Swisse Beauty range of ingestible beauty supplements designed for the UK. Our tailored beauty formulas contain vitamins, antioxidants, and superfoods to support beautiful hair, radiant skin, and strong nails from within.

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