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 Smoothies, Snacks and Supplements Under 100 Kcal

Whether you're on a weight loss journey or just cutting back a little, we get it. Sometimes you just need to keep it under 100 calories. No biggie.
Here's our favourite nutritious ready-made snacks all with macronutrients (macros) you'll love!
Our ready-to-drink smoothies, high-protein snacks and collagen supplements are perfect for a busy lifestyle. 

Low Fat Ready-Made Smoothies

Containing natural sugars from fruits and low in fat these ready-to-drink smoothies are perfect for healthy snacks between meals. They're packed with fruits and vegetables so if you need a helping hand in the 'under 100kcal' department, consider these your new besties! 

Low Calorie Jellies & Shots under 40 kcal

How low can you go?! Our UK-first Ginseng & Maca Root Jelly Sticks are only 22kcal per stick!  Our great range of Collagen & Blood Orange Beauty Shots and Artichoke & Curcumin Wellness Shots are under 25kcal too. Check 'em out!



Vegan protein. 100kcal.

Our new Mind & Body Vegan Protein Powders taste great and are no more than 100 kcal per serve! Cacao Hazelnut is an explosion of natural choc-nut flavour with special vitamins B6, B12, D3 and Magnesium to support mind and body wellness. These newbs are worth a look up-close! 

Top Snacks under 100cal

You've got options. There's Vegan and Gluten Free smoothies, Collagen jellies, wellness shots and our Vegan Protein Powders for post workout replenisher! Bosh! Nailed it. 


Complementary items from the balance range