There’s a wonderful world out there, with vast, jagged landscapes of snow-capped mountains, historic ancient fields, and mysterious, deep oceans. But for a special few, it’s what lies beyond the horizon that’s even more inspiring. Because in the endless possibilities of the unknown, there’s always something to discover. 

That’s why in the late 60s, Swisse founder Kevin Ring set off on a quest to explore the world and find the most nutrient rich ingredients from nature. Kevin Ring believed that natural ingredients have the power to help us get the most from life every day. And if we only got one chance at this beautiful thing called life, why not strive for the absolute best?

To this day, it’s that uncompromising attitude that inspires Swisse to continue exploring, to be leaders in innovation and conservation, and to challenge convention. It inspires us to push ourselves to the limit, and then push ourselves that little bit further. But perhaps most of all, it inspires us to inspire you.   

When Swisse founder Kevin Ring took the very first step of his quest, he might not have understood the momentum it would gather.

But here we are. And here we go.


Swisse is committed to making a significant contribution to the evidence base of food supplements and nutraceutical research. Swisse is dedicated to product innovation and development. We partner with leading academics, universities and research institutes to stay abreast of emerging and evolving science within the industry.


We pride ourselves on the development and manufacture of scientifically validated products like our CBD full spectrum oils, which are developed under the highest quality conditions. 

Our CBD oils are independently tested with less than 0.2% THC, are non-GMO, comply with European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and use controlled farming procedures alongside GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices). 

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