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Glow on the Go

Collagen is well known for its ability to plump out fine lines and help us retain youthful looking skin.

If you're looking to wiggle a little more Collagen into your daily routine, check out our skin-friendly range below!

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Collagen Beauty Shots

Meet our Collagen and Blood Orange Beauty Shots, packed with 5g of both collagen and protein.

This travel-sized pick-me-up delivers a delicious citrus burst of Blood Orange flavor to treat your taste buds too. Who says getting your daily beauty fix needs to be hard graft?

Keep your glow consistent with a week's supply, or nail down your monthly routine with our 28-day Collagen revival kit! Get your hands on 4 boxes of our Collagen & Blood Orange Beauty Shots and save a cracking 16% off the RRP

Collagen Smoothie Box

This selection of yummy nutritional smoothies will give you your daily dose of Collagen and Magnesium.

With up to 5g of Collagen per pouch, these blends are perfect as you glow on-the-go, supporting you and your body throughout the day.

Featuring our best-selling flavours, Berry, Mango, Pear and Beetroot, your beauty routine has never tasted so good!

Collagen Nutrition Beauty Pack

Packed with 8 smoothies & 7 shots, these beauty essentials support a healthy glow and allow you to save a cheeky 11% on the RRP!

Perfect for anyone with a hectic lifestyle who wants to throw a little more Collagen variety into their routine this September.


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