About Swisse

Hello United Kingdom!

We are very proud to introduce to you Australia’s #1 Multivitamin Brand*, Swisse.

So who exactly are we again?

We are a multivitamin and food supplement brand, dedicated to helping people live healthier and happier lives with the support of our unique range of scientifically supported formulas. And over the years we are thrilled to say that we keep achieving just that.

Because when you take a Swisse multivitamin or supplement, you know you're nourishing your body with the very highest quality ingredients. Take our men's and women's multivitamins - every tablet is packed with a unique blend of ingredients, including botanical extracts. Plus all of our products are made with world-class manufacturing techniques and are put through rigorous testing.

Read more about our commitment to research and development in nutraceuticals and complementary medicine in Our Research.

We also support health care professionals, sporting bodies, athletes, and other role models who embody our vision of health and happiness. We have been the choice of many a champion athlete and international superstar like Nicole Kidman, the Australian Olympic Team and Australian tennis great Lleyton Hewitt, to name a few. We are very proud and humbled by our associations with all these fantastic ambassadors and hope they inspire you as much as they do us.

Find out more in Our Ambassadors section.

*Source: Aztec Volume & Value Sales Data MAT 07-2015