Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that good health and wellbeing should extend beyond just the individual and encompass the much bigger picture.

Having been accredited by the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard for offsetting carbon emissions, we also have even more reason to protect and conserve the environment as much as we can. For indeed Nature is our joint partner in all of this, as many of our products contain natural and sustainable ingredients.

We also pride ourselves on looking for fun and new ways to give back to the support our community has showed us for nearly 50 years.

Celebrate Life Foundation

We contribute to several major charities and not-for-profit organisations. And we're extremely proud to have founded in Australia, 'The Swisse Celebrate Life Foundation' in 2012. It was created to assist established charities already working hard in our communities to promote health and wellbeing, and it's a privilege to know our funds are contributing towards their great ideas and initiatives.

Colour Run