Our History

Inspired by the development of natural medicines in the 1960’s, Swisse founder Kevin Ring developed his own range of herbal and vitamin supplements. Soon afterwards he introduced the first product - pollen tablets - and Swisse was born!

Founder of Swisse Kevin Ring

In 1991, the launch of Swisse Women’s Ultivite set the benchmark high as the Australian ‘Rolls Royce’ of multivitamins. And the release of Swisse Men’s Ultivites four years later, firmly cemented our position as an established Australian Vitamin brand.

But it's primarily our unique company culture that attributes a large part to what makes Swisse the success story that it is today. Our current CEO, Radek Sali, leads the company with a passionate and progressive approach. In fact, it's his extraordinary business acumen that has seen him become one of the most celebrated CEOs in Australia to date.

Swisse CEO Radek Sali

“From the moment I joined Swisse, I had a vision to better educate people about how to look after themselves – on how to be healthier and happier. I’m incredibly proud to say that, with the help of a very talented and committed team behind me, we haven’t wavered in our pursuit of making this a reality.”
- Swisse Australia CEO Radek Sali

Live Healthy Be Happy
Today we continue to grow and expand, but we never lose sight of the founding principles established by Kevin Ring over 50 years ago - to help people live healthier and happier lives by discovering the difference Swisse can offer them.

And we're now delighted to be helping the people of the UK on their journey to living healthier and happier, too.