Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

Health, happiness and wellbeing - the three elements you will always find at the core of everything we do at Swisse.

We believe in encouraging people to make their health an everyday priority, rather than waiting until it suffers to take action. We believe that conventional approaches to health can always be improved upon. And we have made ourselves advocates for the power of positive thinking, strong relationships, regular exercise and wholesome foods. Most importantly, we believe in our philosophy and mantra of 'Celebrating Life Every Day'. Simply by asking others to take time out every day to appreciate all that is great and positive about life.

As part of our contribution to spreading good health and wellbeing in the community, we started The Celebrate Life Every Day foundation. The aim of this foundation is to support the programmes already working hard to promote health in our communities. It’s our way of giving back some of the support we’ve been shown over the last 50 years.

If you’d like to know more about the valuable work Swisse does check out our Corporate Social Responsibility section.