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Going bananas for healthy stuff

We’re all a little tutti-fruity here. We love fruit, veggies and snacks that get you pumped! 

Blitzed and Banned

We’ve blitzed our favourite fruits into super fun, no-mess, no-fuss smoothies. Some with a little more kink than others!

Available in 12 deliciously naughty flavours... we’ve even added collagen and magnesium for those that need a little extra stimulation.

We made a video about it and was served an 'after dark' slot!

Try me, baby

Can’t commit and want to try everything at least once in your life?

The Try Me Bundle is the pick of the bunch.

It gives you one of everything and then some, for only £26.99!

The Range

Need to swipe left, right, and back again?
View all available cuties up close or go one-on-one.

'CHIA cheater'
Chia seeds go rogue with apple, strawberry, and blueberries.

'Moaning Queen-oia' 
Quinoa, apple, mango and a squirt of yoghurt.

'COFFEE Dater'
Apple, yoghurt, banana and dates for days.

Call me ‘COCO’
Apple, banana oats, barley and cocoa.

'SPINACH Wild Thing'
Spinach mixed up with Apple, Mango, Maca and Magnesium. Raowww!

Beetroot and berry bonanza with 6.2g protein.

'Feeling GINGER'
Ginger, Apple, Banana, Kiwi and Avo get down and dirty.

'BERRY Banger'
Rasperries, Apple, Banana and dates are friends-with-benefits.

'COFFEE Quickie'
Apple, yoghurt, banana and dates for days.

‘MANGO, Woman-go Wild' 
Mango, carrot, apple & turmeric spice up your life.

‘A PEAR-y Seedy Time’
Pear, Peach, apricot and basil seeds blitzed, with no mess.

'Free Spirit-lina'
A delicious mess of Apple, Banana, Almond and Spirulina.

Fun facts

  • Magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue (hello late night booty calls).

  • Bananas are known to contain potassium and choline, an essential nutrient for our body and brain. Boo-ya, bedside snacks.

  • Beetroot as a source of nitrates, potassium and other great nutrients such as Vitamin C. *sexy*

Pear Almond Balls

Get more balls in your mouth. These Pear smoothie babes can be downed on their own or mixed into your favourite bliss ball recipes. Try this one for size! 

A few of our favourites

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