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Discover the Swisse Me guide to keeping your favourite sports bras, tops, gym leggings and tights fresh and ready for your next workout session!

Garment Care Guide

Check out the individual care labels on each garment for the deets, but here are your basic go to tenets for a hassle-free routine that gets you back in the gym quicker!

  • Cold wash with same colours
  • Use a wash bag
  • Use a gentle detergent - opt for sports friendly or fragrance free soap if you can
  • Say 'no' to fabric softener as it can degrade the sweat wicking properities of technical fabrics
  • Air or line dry in the shade
  • No tumble dry, as our technical pieces dry really quickly anyway and it's better for the environment and saves power!
  • It's important to note that while the vibrancy of some brighter colours (and particularly fluoro's) may fade overtime. You can keep these colours brighter for longer by pre-washing in cold water + a teaspoon of salt.

Why use a wash bag?

Wash bags prolong the life of your Activewear. They prevent any stray fibres from "fluffy" items in the rest of your wash attaching themselves to your technical fabrics and they stop your bra straps and clasps getting tangled with other items in the wash. They also reduce stray fibres from shedding and making their way into our precious waterways.


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