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Gen Z Health & Wellness Report 

Swisse Me delved into the minds of 2,000 18-24 year olds - Generation Z - to find out their attitudes to staying healthy.

Our research has taken a deep dive into the trends that relate to Mental & Physical Wellbeing, Diet & Nutrition, Exercise & Lifestyle and Health & Wellness Predictions for 2021.  

Here's what we found out...

Mental & Physical Wellbeing

Half (49%) of Gen Z believe they’re generally good at looking after their health and wellness, with 73% thinking diet and mental health impacts on your health and wellness the most.

In order to manage good health and wellness, over half (55%) take to exercising regularly or eating a balanced diet.


Half (48%) of Gen Z believe that supplements are vital to your overall wellness, with 46% taking vitamins and supplements of some kind.

One in 10 admit to taking protein supplements, almost a quarter (24%) take iron supplements and half (50%) are take energy supplements.

A fifth (21%) are taking supplements to build muscle, nearly a third (29%) would like to achieve better hair, skin and nail growth, half (48%) would like to boost their immune system and 30% would like to boost their brain activity.

Sleep & Stress 

Although 42% say they can’t sleep or sleep badly, half of Gen Z have mastered the art of getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night. 

14% try to better their health and wellness by eliminating stress from their lives - 32% choose to eliminating negative friendships and relationships to maintain better health and wellness. 


Diet & Nutrition

Our bodies need a healthy, balanced diet that's filled with nutrition and Generation Z seem to be very aware of this, just over a quarter (27%) think that previous generations are less healthy than they are and a staggering 95% are taking some kind of vitamin supplement.

Gone are the days when diets were all the rage, as 76% have chosen to avoid fad diets with only 28% trying diets such as Atkins, Keto and the 5:2. As 65% have admitted to eating a diet of meat, fish and vegetables, with a further 10% choosing a vegetarian or flexitarian diet and just 5% opting for either a pescatarian or vegan way of life.

Surprisingly, 1 in 7 knew that broccoli was the highest source of vitamin C, with 1 in 5 understanding that red pepper also contains a high level of vitamin C. Less surprisingly, 78% went with the common misconception that an orange contains the most vitamin C and 5% were unaware of which foods are among the highest in protein

2021 Wellness Predictions  

With 2021 fast approaching, we’ve continued to listen to the words of Gen Z and have pulled together a few health and wellness predictions for the year ahead:

  • Gen Z will put physical appearance over mental health in 2021, with 27% admitting their wellness focus is weight loss
  • Vitamin D will be the most popular supplement with 34% more likely to use it above other options
  • Gen Z will opt for healthy eating and taking vitamin C supplements in order to boost their immunity 
  • The most popular fruits to eat in 2021 will be bananas and apples
  • Carrots will be 2021’s most popular veggie with 72% of Gen Z likely to eat it for its health benefits 
  • Chloe Ting will be the most popular social media fitness influencer of 2021, closely followed by The Body Coach.

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