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Has caffeine taken over your life?

See what a caffeine-free lifestyle can do for you…
Are you one of those people who can’t start the day without a large double shot latte? Then, trust us, we totally get that the mere thought of giving up coffee will seem like the most daunting and scary task ever.
However, did you know that caffeine can have a negative effect on lots of stuff like sleep, general wellbeing and blood pressure levels? So it makes sense that by limiting your intake you’re also signing up to a healthier lifestyle too.
Here’s how to do it.

One cup of coffee at a time…
Sudden withdrawal from caffeine means you may experience headaches, fatigue and a touch of crankiness in the first few days. So be kind to yourself by cutting down gradually and decreasing the severity of caffeine withdrawal. (If you only have one coffee per day you can start right away).
Order a chai latte or hot chocolate instead.
We know there’s nothing quite like the morning ritual of a hot takeaway drink on the way to work. But remember there’s more to a lovely hot drink than just caffeine…

Drink Green.
While it’s still caffeinated, it’s also packed to the brim with goodness. Two birds/one stone and all that.

Hot water/slice of lemon.
How about swapping coffee breath and stained teeth for a lovely healthy smile? Some herbal teas, like white tea, is also packed full of goodness.

Drink Water.
Plenty of it to help flush out toxins.

You’ll be tired anyway so listen to your body and get plenty of rest.

Eat Well.
Fibre helps cleanse your digestive tract, so resist the temptation to overload on carbs and go for those good high-fibre foods like fruits, veg, legumes and grains instead.

The first few days of any withdrawal of caffeine will challenge your resolve, but stick with it and by the 4th or 5th caffeine-free day you can expect to feel more energetic, alert and happier. And those double shot lattes will soon become a distant memory…[QVR}+SbeQuZkUxm].`)d?(` [gsI9t%rCLD/dJDE?Aq$jmwpoP+_