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Slow-moving exercise can add years to a woman’s life

As a parent, you can have a huge influence on your children (even though at times it feels like you don’t!), especially when it comes to diet and exercise. Children can also be good motivation for you to stay healthy. By sticking to a healthy and balanced diet, we can help our children develop better eating habits.

Our environment can shape our eating habits and as parents we decide what our family eats, but it when it comes to our children it can be challenging to get them to eat well. At mealtimes children can be fussy and very vocal about their refusal to eat anything green, spicy or any kind of food that isn’t recognizable to them. A good way to approach this is to keep introducing new foods, encourage and persist even when its being rejected. It might take time for newer healthier meals to become familiar enough for them to enjoy eating, so help them along by slowly incorporating the new and old meals together.

Take a step back and re-evaluate what you and your family eats. Is there anything that can easily be changed? Here are some quick and easy tips to help introduce happier, healthier eating habits into the family’s diet.

Make your own low-fat fast food such as chips brushed with a little olive oil baked in the oven. Serve with a roast chicken, grilled meat or fish and it will soon become a favorite

To get the children involved, let them choose three different colored vegetables to be served with dinner

Combine some spinach, banana, frozen berries, coconut water or almond milk and blend to create a delicious smoothie. It is a good way to encourage your children to eat their greens and distracts them from the fact that its healthy

Chop up seasonal fruit and have them whenever you have ice-cream.

Freeze favorite seasonal fruit so they never out of season and serve them as frozen sweet treats.

Have low-fat milk instead of full cream. Also try soy or almond milk.

Food can be fresh, healthy and by encouraging your family to participate in preparing the meals together, it can also be a lot of fun.

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