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Healthy snacks with natural ingredients

Our range of convenient smoothies, jellies and shots are packed with goodness! Some with added vitamins, minerals, and even collagen too! 
If you're hanging out with the fam or just hanging out, this selection makes for a healthier snack time. 

Treat yourself. 
Or your loved ones.

Get 30% off our entire range* of delicious smoothies, jellies and shots during May. 

Enter code HELLO30 at checkout.
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Go, go, glow 
Travel-sized collagen shots.

Try shots you won't regret! These Blood Orange zingers contain 5g Collagen per bottle, the perfect amount to support your daily glow on the go. 

Wiggle Wiggle 
Collagen Jellies with Manuka & Aloe.

Test out our new jellies and wiggle a little more Collagen into your routine... only 26 kcal per stick! 

Balls to go nuts over

Procurement threw us a curve ball and our newest babes are running late! 

Rolled with hemp & brown rice protein, exotic mushrooms, nut butter and digestive enzymes in a small power pack, these Vegan Protein Balls will make you bounce. They'll be here in a few weeks and ready to roll.

Ready-to-drink smoothies

Energising smoothies that pack a nutritional punch, some with added protein and minerals like Magnesium.

Boost Me Beetroot 

Boost Me Berry 

Boost Me Pear 

Boost Me Mango 

Start Me Chia

Replenish Me Spirulina

Boost Me Coffee

Eat a Rainbow

Our smoothies are super versitile and come in a range of pretty shades. Drink them as they are. Mix them through your favourite dishes. Check out this Boost Me Mango recipe idea!

Blood Orange Mocktails

Delicious and Nutritious. Here's the perfect tipple for spring time. Zesty Blood orange with the benefits of collagen too in a frothy afternoon spritz! 

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