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Healthy Hacks. Healthy Snacks.

Hiya! Welcome to the happiness hub.

We've teamed up with wellness addicts and experts to bring you fun workout ideas, delicious recipes, nutritional facts, trending dance moves and beauty routines... just sit back, relax and check out our Life Hacks series.

Ep. 03 feat. Nikkita Chadha

In this episode, Actress & Model Nikkita Chadha, takes us through her Morning Glowing Routine. Living a very active lifestyle, between meetings and shoots, she shares her easy hacks to try at home.

Pssst welcome to your dose of happiness. Sit back, relax and listen up because we have many other #LifeHacks to share with you all! 

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Ep. 02 feat. Alice Thorpe

Ever heard about the curse of the Blank Page? Don't panic it's impossible to be creative on demand, however in this second episode Alice Thorpe will give you a few handy hacks to tackle your creative space...

Welcome to your dose of happiness. Sit back, relax and listen up because we have many #LifeHacks to share with you all my friends (trust us, you'll thank us later)!

Ep. 01 feat. Aimee Fuller

In this first episode of our Life Hacks Series, Pro Snowboarder Aimee Fuller, takes us through her daily Refuel Routine.

Living a very active lifestyle, between meetings and worldwide competitions, she shares her easy hacks to try yourself. Watch Aimee go!

Next Up...

Hannah Fuller - Health & Fitness Enthusiast

aka the "Yogi"

People, it's time to put your coolest yoga pants on, let's wake your inner Yogi up with Hannah... You may practise your flexibility game while listening to her best Life Hacks ;)

Alex Marks- Online PT

aka the "Positive Energy Diver"

Alex's philosophy is simple: when you’re looking to make a change exercise faith, patience and positivity. His personal mission has been to help people ‘lift weights and their spirits’ so you better listen up!

Ready-to-drink Smoothies

It's your time to shine people (or at least it's time to try)... If you're like us and it's quite hard to commit and you'd rather try a bit of everything at least once in your life, then our Try Me Smoothie Box will be a match!

Picture this: 12 delicious ready-to-drink to boost your daily routine and give your that energy you were missing.

So whether you're working out, biking around the city, working like the badass you are, or having a power breakfast, next time you're running low on time and energy, choose one of these babes. You're welcome!


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