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Live like Louise

We've teamed up with Louise Thompson to give you the inside scoop on the perfect morning routine!

As a fitness fanatic and entrepreneur, Louise lives and breathes all things health, fitness and nutrition, so there's no better muse when it comes to building an invigorating daily routine for both Mind & Body. A big fan of our Vegan Protein Powders, Louise shares her top tips to seize the day. Let's get it!


Louise Loves Mornings

Louise's morning message is this: Be selfish with your time. Make it about YOU.

The way you start your day is incredibly important. Louise tends to get up between 5 and 6am every day, meaning she has two hours to herself to do exactly what she wants before having to answer to anyone. Sounds pretty great, right?

She uses this time to wake up the body with a HiiT class, engage her mind with a good book or treat herself to a stretching and breathing routine, before making her favourite Swisse Me protein shake.

Find your morning self-love vice and start the day RIGHT.

Morning Must-Haves 

Nutritional Protein for an active lifestyle

Perfect to feed your active lifestyle, our Mind & Body Protein Powders were developed with you in mind. We wanted something to fuel performance & help with recoverysupport cognition and taste great too. Oh and did we mention they are Vegan?!

Psst... life hack from Louise: get as much high quality protein into your diet early in the day as you possibly can. She blitzes up a protein shake using one of our four delicious flavours right after an ice cold shower. 

Not big on shakes? No worries, we've got you. Our Vegan Protein Powders are great mixed into a smoothie bowl, yoghurt bowl or even a naughty pancake mix!

Energy boost for on-the-go 

In our hectic daily lifestyles, we're forever buzzing between commitments at 100 miles per hour. For Louise, taking in some fresh air is a staple of her wellbeing routine, taking her dog for a walk before tackling the rest of her day on the move.

Now, our protein powders come in handy, travel-sized sample sachets for when you're on-the-go. As Louise says, they're also a great way to find your fave flavour, be it Cacao Hazelnut, Raspberry Strawberry, Salted Caramel or Vanilla Cinnamon!

With essential amino acids, exotic mushrooms and friendly bacteria, PLUS vitamins and minerals packed all in one pouch, you just need to shake and go!

Plant-based Protein for on-the-go

Alex Marks-approved

Oh, did we not mention that celebrity PT Alex Marks is also all about our Vegan Protein Range?

Our newest brand ambassador, Alex's personal mission has been to help people ‘lift weights and their spirits’, which is why our Mind & Body Vegan Protein Powders are right up his street.

Check out his best recommendations and healthy routine hacks!


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