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Collagen Countdown

September 2020

This month, HELLO! Magazine have been counting down the best collagen supplements in the business, so you better believe that Swisse's Beauty Glowing Skin tablets are featured front and center.

With hyaluronic acid and collagen peptides, they contain vitamin C which helps to support the production of collagen, allowing you to get your glow on!

Celebrity Glow Getters!

September 2020


Did you hear that our Beauty Glowing Skin supplements have been featured as one of HELLO!'s celeb-approved, glow-getting skincare products to watch?

Focusing on the three key steps to fresh, flawless, fabulous skin from AM to PM, Swisse leads the way!

Boost your Brain Power

August 2020

Getting your brain into gear first thing in the morning is the key to a productive day, but it’s often easier said than done...

Hip and Healthy have featured our fab new range of Cognitive Supplements as they discuss how to get rid of the dreaded brain fog!

Red Alert!

August 2020

Ever wondered how to get back in the game after a gruelling workout?

Our brand new Vegan Protein Powders, that's how.

RedBull shared a protein shake with our awesome brand ambassador, Alex Marks, to get the lowdown…

Glow on the go

August 2020

Did you know that once you reach your mid-20s, your body produces fewer hormones, and in turn less collagen – with studies suggesting collagen levels diminish by around 1% every year?

Well Swisse Me's here to help keep you glowing, and Sheerluxe agrees, shouting out our best-selling collagen range.

GQ loves our vegan protein 

August 2020

Recommended as one of the best Vegan Protein Powders in GQ this month, our range is flying off the virtual shelves.

We've created a unique protein powder that focuses on the mind and body, enriching the body with vitamins and minerals and live cultures. Go smash those goals.

Check out GQ's full review below...

Daily Rituals with Elsa Pataky

July 2020

Swisse brand ambassador Elsa Pataky’s natural beauty is known all over the world. 

This month, Harper's Bazaar featured Elsa's 6 daily wellbeing rituals she uses to be healthy and happier - with smart supplement intake a noticeable constant.

Did you know? Every morning after a shower, Elsa swears by our Hemp Seed Hydrating Body Moisturiser!

Royal News!

July 2020

With Duchess Meghan Markle sparking a new hair trend this month, it's no surprise that Swisse's Beauty Hair, Skin and Nails Supplement was at the forefront of the conversation. With biotin, vitamin C and selenium contributing to stronger locks, we're proud to be setting a royal standard!

Hemsworth on Health

June 2020

Our wonderful brand ambassador Chris Hemsworth spoke to GQ from his Australian hideaway, discussing his partnership with Swisse.

With a busy lifestyle dictated by his children, Chris explains the importance of Swisse's Muscle Recovery and immune-boosting supplements in his day-to-day.

Rave on! 

With over a third of Brits (34%) working longer hours from home than before lockdown, it’s unsurprising that more than half of us suffer from low energy levels by lunchtime. Actually, 1.29pm exactly, our research suggests.

We've worked with Manchester-based music producer Paul Whitehead to create a hi-energy record that blends house music, techno, and drum 'n' bass in a rave track to help eradicate the lockdown slump! The Sun grabbed their glow sticks!  

Sheer Facts

At Swisse Me, we keep things moving, smashing our health goals on the go. Sheerluxe featured our collagen boosters and energy smoothies this month and dropped a nutritional bomb, noting that as many as 75% of British adults are failing to eat the recommended five daily portions of fruit and veg. Mad right? Well at Swisse Me we certainly embrace getting fruity, as you can see below...

A campaign 'Too Fruity' for TV

13th May 2020

Our food porn campaign promoting our ready-to-drink smoothies went bananas online this month after being deemed 'Too Fruity for TV' by Clearcast. The campaign aimed to catch the wondering eye of online consumers, and it certainly didn't go unnoticed. Check out the Mail Online's write up, and some of the comments! 

Brits reaching for choccies post-workout 

1st May 2020

Interestingggg... new research conducted by our team in April made headlines as we found out that the days of '3 square meals are day' are done. The Sun picked this one up noting that women are eating more than men, with chocolate as one of the top three snacks Brits are reaching for.  

Fruity and Fashionable

Feb 2020 

Spotted, darling! Hello Fashion mag featured one of our favourite ready-to-drink smoothies, Mango, on their body boost scoop this month. Positioned alongside influential boxer, model and special friend to our brand, Ramla Ali, who promoted our smoothies when we first launched. Aww... Love ya, Ramla! 

Facts vs Fake News: Turmeric

21st January 2020

Our yellow friend, Turmeric, got a nice note from Women and Home this month as their beauty guru, Lydia House, looked at its benefits in skincare and how we sort the facts from the fake news. Our Mango ready-to-drink smoothie got a mention too. Beauti-ful!

Lusty and Fabulous

Jan 2020

Fit as! We made Fabulous mags 'Lust List' in January with a terrific trio of ready-to-drink smoothies - Mango, Beetroot and Spirulina - a perfect treat for your gym kit.


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