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Mellow Yellow Reusable Water Bottle

Hydration - 500ml

Keep drinks cool for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours in this reusable water bottle. Stay stylish, stay hydrated!

How many bottles do you need? 1 bottle
1 unit = 1 bottle
£15.95 per unit

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  • Hydration

  • Lifestyle

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Keep cool and carry on
This reusable water bottle keeps your bevs cool for ages. Oh, and you look cool carrying it too.


Chill out

This reusable bottle will help you stay hydrated and stylish all whilst saving the planet and money. Fill it up a few times a day and hang out by the proverbial 'water cooler' to minimise your daily stresses and chill.

If you like it hot, it's double-walled to keep the heat in and ensure it's not too hot to handle on the outside. There's no BPA involved which also helps with the reduction of nasty plastics from our side! Winning.


Anne-Laure is at it again, standing on one leg, chill AF. Her bottle is chillin' too. The two of them have a little in common, they both look out for the environment! Legends.

Decorated with our cool girl, Mango, to keep your drinks cool for up to 24hrs and keep the summer vibes high. Pretty cool. Literally.

Cool Fact

Did you know about 60% of our body weight is fluid?

Staying hydrated is super important for our cells, tissues and organs to function properly and for us to feel at our best. However, we often neglect this part of our health and many of us are unsure as to what exactly counts as sufficient.





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