Vegan BundleVegan Bundle

Smoothie Care Package

Say hey to the original care package; 90 smoothies for just £90. Yep, that's just £1 per smoothie!

We've chosen 6 of our popular smoothies and added 15 of each into one big bundle. That's a heap of vitamin and mineral rich products to help you continue to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Vegan Smoothie Care Package

Another stack of 90 smoothies for £90. This all-vegan care package packs a punch; 14 varieties of fruit, in an assortment of 6 of our best-selling smoothies.

Move over beer fridge, let’s make some space for these delicious vegan smoothies… You may just find yourself on 2-3 smoothies per day (or more)!

Vegan BundleVegan Bundle
Vegan BundleVegan Bundle

Small Smoothie Care Package

Nowhere to store 90 smoothies or scared of so much commitment? No problem, we've carefully prepared a mini self-care box, still with incredible value at just £1.20 per smoothie. 

10 lots of 5 top selling smoothies: total of 50 smoothies for £59.99. Job done.


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