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Oxidative Stress

Some nutrients have properties that can help support the body to neutralize the potentially harmful effects of free radicals which are produced when food is broken down or when the body is exposed to certain environmental conditions such as cigarette smoke or radiation. These nutrients are called “antioxidants”

An imbalance of free radicals results in a condition called “oxidative stress”. It is important our bodies get enough antioxidant nutrients because they can help to neutralize free radicals.

There are numerous different types of antioxidant chemicals; some are vitamins and minerals, some are known as flavonoids. Over 4,000 flavonoids have been identified, many of which occur in fruits, vegetables and beverages (tea, coffee, beer, wine and fruit drinks).

They work within our bodies to protect cellular and molecular processes which in turn can help to protect the body.[QVR}+SbeQuZkUxm].`)d?(` [gsI9t%rCLD/dJDE?Aq$jmwpoP+_