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Beat stress, stay strong, look fabulous

Life’s pretty hectic and that’s how we like it. But to make sure our lives run as we want them to, keeping the immune system strong is where it’s at. A healthy lifestyle that includes good workout nutrition is all about balance. But poor food choices, high stress and regular exposure to pollutants will not help our cause. Let’s take a look at what will…


Eat right, live right

Good health can be managed through not just how much we eat, but what we eat. A healthy diet plan for women that’s high in fruits, veggies, whole grains and low in processed sugar is always the way to go. Why not fill a third of your plate with colourful fruits and veg at every meal to load up on nature’s superfoods? 

Keep up with keeping fit

Exercising regularly helps to keep the body active, strong and healthy. And if you need more workout inspiration, it also helps you to maintain a healthy weight. As a result of exercise reduces stress on the body.



Sleep tight and chill out

It goes without saying that a restful night’s sleep will help the body and mind recover from the day and finding ways to de-stress can do wonders too. From yoga to a relaxing bath, you are helping your body to wind down. Stress is a part of everyday life but it’s how you handle it that makes all the difference. Even simple and easy deep, conscious breathing can dramatically lessen the effects of stress. And we all want that! Want to find out more about sleep-inducing herbal remedies and food to avoid before sleep? Check out Nutrition by Lizzy.


Know your limits

It’s a no brainer that drinking in moderation and avoiding smoking all contributes towards a healthier lifestyle and reduce oxidative stress on the body.  Key nutrients like vitamin C, E, zinc (essential to the immune system; shellfish is an excellent source) and copper help to support a healthy immune system and are found in lots of natural and nutritious foods. Vitamin C and E can be found in nuts, avocado, berries and citrus fruits. Don’t forget that a healthier immune system also equals a healthier you.



Swisse Me & staying healthy

Our healthy snacks on the go have been created with selected nutritious ingredients to help you stay strong in body and mind no matter what lies ahead. From our Start Me breakfast blends including quinoa benefits to energy-boosting foods found in Boost Me, with all the health benefits of mango and collagen for starters! And then there’s the Replenish Me post-workout blend including fantastic spirulina health benefits. So, over to you. Just don’t forget to tell us your favourites! 


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