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5 healthy snacks for Summer bike rides

Summer is here. It’s time to polish up your cleats, clip in and get peddling. If you’re a bit of a cruiser and out all day, or just a serial snack-a-holic, here’s our fave pocket-friendly healthy snack options to keep hanger pains at bay whilst you’re on the move.


1. Fruit Smoothies with Protein and Magnesium

If you can’t handle a sweaty smooshed banana mid-ride, try our ready-to-drink smoothies for size. They are pocket friendly, don’t need refrigeration and keep your energy levels up while you’re on the move. You can choose Vegan options, some with added Collagen and Magnesium – and they all have no added sugar! Woohoo!


2. High Protein Supplements

If you like to look after your body and mind and always carry a water bottle, we suggest giving our new Mind & Body Protein Powders a go. You can simply add water and shake it up for a little extra support with B group Vitamins, Vitamin D, Biotin and Magnesium! The Cacao Hazelnut and Vanilla Cinnamon are nice twists on the classics, Salted Caramel is perfect for those with a slightly sweeter tooth, too. View the whole range or try the Vegan Variety Box for a mix of 30g sachets perfect for a day out on the bike.


3. Wellness Shots

Ah, so you need more green bits in your life. We got you. These 50ml Artichoke & Curcumin Wellness Shots will give you a hit of goodness on the go (and quite literally, they’re electric green). With Artichoke extract known to support digestion, and Curcumin, shot one of these bad boys back for a little bit of health juice with your next sarnie. Low calories, Vegan and a source of fibre too.


4. Protein Balls

If you’re into Vegan snacks or not, these raw Protein Balls are awesome. They come in handy packs of two, are high in fibre and protein and have super ingredients like Maca, Baobab, Maitake and Spirulina hidden inside. They only contain the natural sugars from dates and are hand-rolled in the UK with Maitake and digestive enzymes. A-mazing.


5. Jelly Sticks

If your looking to add some fun to your day try our Jelly Sticks for size. There are two delicious flavours; Collagen & Manuka Honey to help you glow on the go, and Ginseng & Maca Root for a zingy burst. Perfecto!


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