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Marvellous Matcha Protein Recipes

Green tea’s more impressive alter ego, Matcha Green Tea is a bright green powder that millennials love turning into pastel green latte’s, pancakes and bubble teas. But as well as being incredibly Instagram-able, unlike your standard tea bag, with Matcha you’re drinking the whole tea leaves so you’re getting all the nutrients, and it’s impressively high in antioxidants too. Boasting a good hit of caffeine, but thanks to a phytonutrient called l-theanine which promotes calmness, you’ll get the alertness without the subsequent energy crash – so say goodbye to those post-latte jitters!

These 5 plant-based recipes contain both Matcha green tea powder and vegan protein powder, ready to power you up and seriously supercharge your morning. Go get ‘em!



Iced Protein Matcha Recipe

Ice, ice baby! Our iced Matcha recipe made with vanilla protein is a cool and fresh summer favourite that works wonders as a post-workout shake or a 10am pick me up to have you buzzing all day long. Plus, you can’t deny that the light green colour is a total vibe!

The recipe: To a blender, simply add 1 tsp matcha, 350ml oat milk and a scoop of vanilla protein. Blend until smooth and add to a shaker with plenty of ice.


Salted Caramel Matcha Protein Smoothie

When you need a post-workout refuel and a hit of caffeine in the fastest time possible, this is the solution = throw all your ingredients in a blender and slurp on the go whilst you take on the day. Not only will it have your energy levels sky high, but the antioxidants are sure to have you glowing from head to toe; it’s an all-round winner!

The recipe: Add 1 frozen banana, 1 tsp matcha, 300ml oat milk, 1 scoop of salted caramel protein and a handful of ice to a blender and blitz until smooth.



Matcha Protein Soft Serve

We’d eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we could, so if there’s a way to make it healthier for us, we’re all over it! Enter our salted caramel Matcha soft serve. Made from just 5 simple ingredients, it’s a great way to get kids (or adults too!) eating their greens.

The recipe: Add 2 frozen bananas, a handful of spinach and 1 tsp Matcha to a high-powered food processor. Start to blend this together and break down the chunks of frozen banana. Add a splash of milk a little at a time to help this process along but be careful not to add too much to keep a nice thick texture! Once the banana starts to break down and blend together, add the scoop of salted caramel protein and a little more milk. Once thick and smooth, serve as is, or pop in the freezer ready for dessert later.


Matcha Protein Latte

The matcha latte has become a popular coffee shop favourite for very good reason. Containing a good dose of caffeine, but without the usual jitters or energy crash, this is our favourite way to wake ourselves up when we’re ready to fall asleep mid-meeting. We’ve added an extra boost of protein to keep us feeling full ‘till lunch too – because there’s nothing more distracting than a rumbling stomach!

The recipe: Add 200ml of oat milk, 1 tsp of matcha and ½ scoop vanilla protein to a blender and blend until smooth. Heat gently on the stove until warm. Meanwhile, froth 150ml of oat milk. Pour your matcha mixture into a mug before adding your oat milk, showing off your best latte art skills (if you have any… unlike us)!



Matcha Protein Overnight Oats

For those who need something a little more satiating to get their brains in gear or to refuel after a morning workout, these overnight oats are just what you’re looking for. They’re sweet, creamy and contain all the protein and carbs your muscles need after a tough sweat session… that’s what we call breakfast with benefits!

The recipe: The night before, combine ½ cup oats with 1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop of vanilla protein, 1 tsp matcha, 1 tbsp chia seeds and 2 tbsp of your favourite plant-based yoghurt. Leave in the fridge overnight. In the morning, give your oats a good stir and add a little more milk if needed. Add some fruit and extra yoghurt and dig in!


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