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The wellness routine you've been waiting for

It’s Sunday night and you’re lying in bed imagining a smooth and easy Monday morning. In the blink of an eye, reality kicks you in the butt: you’re hitting the fifth snooze button in a row and making a mad dash out the house, skipping breakfast and grabbing a cereal bar snack from the local store. Not exactly the vision of health and wellbeing you were dreaming of. See, most of us know what we should be doing to stay healthy. However, a lot of us don’t have the routine to see it through. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate 5-step guide to your day. The wait is over; read on to unlock convenient nutrition and effortless wellbeing.



Step 1: Rise and shine with cognitive supps

Cognition supplements are known to help with the health of our brains. For example, they have been found to improve knowledge retention and information recall, focus and concentration, mood and creativity as well as relax and calm the mind in certain populations (Gabryel & Trzeciak 1994). Set the tone for the day by taking these  before breakfast. To get into this routine, we highly recommend putting it out on your kitchen counter at bedtime ready for the next morning.


Step 2: Break the fast with a protein smoothie bowl

Mama told us breakfast was ‘the most important meal of the day’. We’ve also been told protein is essential for maintaining muscle mass (Karpinski & Rosenbloom 2017). Despite this, most of us don’t eat enough protein at breakfast (Sizer & Whitney 2017). Enter the protein smoothie bowl. This is a delicious, quick and easy way to up your intake. Choose your fruit, veggies, liquid and protein powder, blend, and top with nuts, seeds, fruit and granola. For a little inspo and a lot of flavour, check out our favourite Chocolate Smoothie Bowl recipe.



Step 3: Energise in a shot

About to run into an important meeting? Wellness shots are your saviour. These convenient little gems fit into your desk or handbag for when you need them most. We’re loving our refreshing and juicy Boost Me Collagen Shots. These travel-sized beauties contain 5g of Collagen plus Blood Orange per 30ml bottle. .


Step 4: Roll on through the afternoon with a protein ball

Uh oh! Here comes the mid-afternoon slump. You’ve been working hard all day and suddenly energy levels dip. Get off the rollercoaster with a quick and convenient snack. Our new range of protein balls come in four delicious flavours, are high in fibre and protein and low in added sugar. You can take these literally anywhere and enjoy any time you need a pick-me-up to keep you full prevent over-eating at your next meal and to fuel your workouts. 


Step 5: Rest and revive

Ever heard of beauty sleep? Yep, it’s really a thing. Getting adequate shut-eye is super important for our bodies and minds (Cappuccio et al. 2011, Mental Health Foundation 2011).



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